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Goldfish Varieties

There are many goldfish varieties to choose from when looking at starting up your own aquarium or adding more fish to an existing one. Some goldfish varieties are more hardy then others. Out of all the different types of goldfish you are sure to find one with the right characteristics, colours and shape that will suit you and your family.

Here is a list of some of the more popular goldfish varieties:

  1. Common Goldfish
  2. Comets
  3. Sarassa Comets
  4. Black Moors
  5. Lionheads
  6. Orandas
  7. Fantails
  8. Shubunkin
  9. Pearl Scale
  10. Bubble Eye

These are some very interesting goldfish varieties to choose from. Take a look at the above links to see different types of goldfish that you could add to your aquarium or garden pond.



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