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Goldfish Links & Resources

Here are some other great goldfish websites and forums all about goldfish, taking care of goldfish and treating for goldfish diseases, illnesses and parasites. Tons of goldfish links and resources all in one spot.

  1. Goldfish Care Information Diseases and Treatments - A great goldfish blog where people can get tons of information on how to treat goldfish and learn what fish medication to use. A great spot to go when needing help on treating your sick fish.
  2. Koko's Goldfish World - A great website to go when looking for more information on taking care of goldfish. Filled with detailed info and pictures and photos.
  3. Goldfish Care - This site discusses ways to take care of goldfish and what's involved in basic goldfish care. Go from beginner to expert from reading great articles all about goldfish.
  4. Pet Goldfish Forum - A forum dedicated to helping people in all aspects on taking care of fish. Here you can join a community of people who have goldfish, share stories, look for help and upload photos and more. Filled with great information all about goldfish, garden ponds and more.

I hope you find these above goldfish links helpful towards learning how to take care of goldfish. Through reading and joining a goldfish forum you will become a goldfish expert in no time.

















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