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What types of fish food should I feed my goldfish?

When it comes to feeding goldfish many aquarium hobbyist often wonder what should I feed my fish. Goldfish require a wide variety of different foods in order to grow properly and be healthy. There are plenty of fish foods on the market today to choose from. Each fish food has it own nutritional value and this should be taken into consideration when buying fish food for your goldfish.

Most commercially prepared fish foods contain a variety of meats and vegetable substances. Consumers can buy flake foods, pellet foods and floating sticks. When goldfish grow they need more protein for healthy bones and for muscle growth. That's why you should feed goldfish several different types of fish food to make sure they get all the necessary nutritional requirements needed healthy development.

Feed your goldfish a mixture of floating flakes, pellets and floating sticks. On top of this you should feed them live food or freeze dried foods as treats. Your goldfish will love them and are excellent for their overall health. Just remember when feeding goldfish make sure to not overfeed them. Feed your goldfish what they can eat in 2-5 minutes and discard any uneaten food in your aquarium so it won't foul the water. Goldfish don't like eaten the same thing everyday and we wouldn't either. Feed goldfish different fish foods and your goldfish will love you for it.















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