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How Do You Tell The Difference Between a Male and Female Goldfish?

Everyone sooner or later wants to know do I have a male or female goldfish and how can you tell the difference. Here I am going to show you simple ways in determining the sex of your goldfish.

Female Goldfish

  1. Females are generally bigger then the males and are they're more plump. The reason for this is that there abdomen is all full of eggs when it comes time to breeding.
  2. Females abdomen is also more soft and squishy then of the males.
  3. They also have rounded and shorter pectoral fins.
  4. Females also have a larger rounder anal opening with it slightly protruding as well.

Male Goldfish

  1. Male fish develop breeding tubercles on their gill plates which are most commonly mistaken for the goldfish disease commonly known as Ich. They also get these small white pimple like spots on their outer ridge of their pectoral fins as well. These breeding tubercles appear during spawning time showing they're ready to breed.
  2. Males also have larger longer pectoral fins as well. The pectoral fins are the ones right underneath their gills.
  3. They also have a much firmer abdomen then the females.
  4. Males have a smaller more oval anal opening then the females.
  5. Males are more torpedo shape then females.

These are some simple ways at telling the difference between a male and female goldfish. Through observation you can determine the sex of your goldfish.


















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