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How often should I change the water in my goldfish aquarium?

Aquarium owners should do a 20% water change once a week. Doing regular water changes helps keep the water in your aquarium safe for your goldfish and at acceptable levels. A good suggestion when doing water changes is to use an aquarium gravel vacuum that cleans the bottom of your tank and removes organic matter, fish waste at the same time.

People need to do regular water changes especially in a goldfish aquarium as goldfish are a very dirty fish that create a lot of fish waste. By changing the water on a regular basis helps in keeping your goldfish healthy and is one of the best ways to prevent goldfish diseases and illnesses from occurring.

How often should you change the water in your aquarium is based on how many goldfish you have in your fish tank. People should never overcrowd a fish tank but if you do you will likely need to do more frequent water changes to counteract the amount of fish waste is being produced. You will also need to clean your aquarium filter more often as well. Overcrowding a fish tank creates more maintenance and is the #1 reason that goldfish diseases and illnesses occur. Keep up with regular water changes once a week and never overcrowd your fish tank and you will have great success in taking care of goldfish.

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