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How big can a goldfish grow?

How big can a goldfish grow depends on the environment and the type of fish food you feed them. Normally goldfish can grow to about 5-6" long for fat bodied goldfish like orandas, lionheads and fantails and normal size of common goldfish can grow to about 12-15" long. By feeding your goldfish different foods can help grow bigger goldfish. The right diet plays a big part in the overall growth of goldfish.

Another key factor on how big can a goldfish grow is their environment. A goldfish in an aquarium will not grow nearly as big as a goldfish in a mud pond. The abundance of live food in a pond and the amount of space they have to grow in plays a big part in their overall growth and size of goldfish. So if you want to grow bigger goldfish feed them the right food and give them plenty of space to grow.















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