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Do I Need A Heater For My Goldfish Aquarium?

Most aquarium owners wonder if they need an aquarium heater for their goldfish tank. The answer to many people's question, "Do I Need a Heater For My Goldfish Aquarium?", is goldfish are a coldwater fish and require no need of an aquarium heater installed. Goldfish are very hardy and are not that vulnerable to sudden changes in temperature like tropical fish are. Sudden quick temperature changes in aquariums that have tropical fish will most likely kill your fish or cause sickness and disease to occur. Your goldfish on the other hand will be just fine as the water in your tank will be at room temperature. To further answer your question is that goldfish in ponds hibernate overwinter in extremely coldwater so if they can survive no problem outside they will do just fine in your aquarium at home with no heater installed on your fish tank.














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