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Can I Mix Goldfish With Tropical Fish?

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Mixing goldfish with other tropical fish is not really recommended. Goldfish first of all are coldwater fish while tropical fish prefer warmer water. Another thing with tropical fish a lot of them are territorial and they might attack and injure your goldfish. It is in your best interest to keep goldfish separate from tropical fish. It will prevent damaged fins from occurring, injuries as well as diseases that tropical fish may carry.

When it comes to temperature, goldfish like cooler water and they are much happier and healthy. If you do add a heater due to having tropical fish and then add goldfish to your aquarium it will cause them stress. Goldfish prefer colder water and signs of stress may occur. If people do want two types of fish, coldwater, and tropical you should have two aquariums set up. You will enjoy it more and have more freedom and better luck when adding new fish to your aquarium. A key point to remember is goldfish are coldwater fish and tropical fish are tropical. The proper environment should be given to both based on their backgrounds and preferences. In doing so you will have great success with both goldfish and other tropical fish you may have.















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