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How To Treat Ich and What Goldfish Medication Do I Use?

Your goldfish have ich and now you will need to learn how to treat ich and what goldfish medication you should use to get rid of these nasty parasites. So what is ich? The scientific name for ich is Ichthyophthirius multifiliis also known as white spot disease or ick for short. Ich appears as small white spots covered over the body of the goldfish similar as small grains of salt. These small parasites feed on the body of the goldfish seen covered on the fish. These white cysts feed on the goldfish then fall off. Each cysts can contain about 500 new parasites and once they hatch they look for a new host to feed on.

The key thing to remember is when treating ich these parasites can only be killed during the free swimming stage. It is during this time that they are vulnerable to the ich medication that you are using. You can see how quickly goldfish can become infested with ick with the way they reproduce so quickly.

What Fish Medication Do I Use To Treat Ich?

There are several goldfish medications you can use to treat ich that will eliminate and get rid of these parasites. Picking the right fish medication is your first step in successfully getting rid of ich.

Here are a list of ich medications that will treat these parasites known as white spot disease.

Ich Medications You Can Buy

Rid-Ich - 16 oz. Rid Ich  is a combination of two powerful medications which have proven effective in the control of many diseases of freshwater fish caused by external parasites such as white spot disease, Ichthyophthirius, Costia, Trichodina, Chilodonella and saltwater external parasites such as Cryptocaryon and Amyloodinium. The medication can also treat fungal infections in fishes.


Tank Buddies Ick Clear - 100 pk Ick Clear is a soothing conditioner that quickly clears ick (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis) or white spot on freshwater tropical fish and goldfish. Ick is usually the result of sudden changes in the aquarium water temperature or stress. Left untreated ick spreads rapidly and is usually fatal to fish. For treatment of: Small, white sugar-like crystals that cover the fish's fins and or body. Fish may rub against gravel or objects in tank.


Mardel CopperSafe Freshwater & Saltwater Conditioner Save your fish with Mardel CopperSafe! Chelated copper treatment recommended for the treatment of ick, flukes, anchor worms, velvet, protozoan diseases and other external parasites


Remember when treating ich always treat for the recommended time frame. Even if you think ick is gone there may be still some cysts that have not hatched yet causing another outbreak of ich. Follow the instructions on the back of the label and follow them directly.

 Get rid of ich once and for all with the above ich medications.

TIP: Always make sure you have some ich medication on hand in case an outbreak occurs. Treating ich in early stages with the right fish medication will increase your chances of success.

TIP: Buy ich medication online, it is cheaper and you'll save some money.


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