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Goldfish Diseases & Illnesses

Goldfish diseases and illnesses are something that your fish will sooner or later become sick and will need to be treated. The question is what types of goldfish diseases are there and how do I know what type of disease or illness my goldfish have. You will need to observe your fish and watch for symptoms.

Here are a list of various common goldfish diseases and illnesses:

Goldfish Ulcer - Bacterial Infection That Needs To Be Treated Right Away1. Ich
2. Fin and Tail Rot
3. Dropsy
4. Anchor Worm
5. Swim Bladder
6. Pop Eye
7. Flukes
8. Fish Lice


These common fish diseases are something all aquarium owners and pond owners should know what they are, signs or symptoms and how to treat them. The good news is that most goldfish diseases and easily treated in the early stages. Know the signs, symptoms and learn all you can about goldfish diseases so you can treat your goldfish right away if need be.

Click on the above links for a list of goldfish diseases and illnesses.



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