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Goldfish Books & Resources

Here are some great books all about goldfish. Filled with tons of resources, colour photos, information on goldfish varieties, diseases, illnesses and more. All goldfish owners should have at least one or two aquarium books on hand for a quick guide.



Fancy Goldfish Book
The Complete Guide To Care and Collecting

  • Over 100 High Quality Photos

  • 176 Pages Hardcover Book

  • Written by Dr. Erick L. Johnson world-renowned veterinarian on goldfish and koi health

 Fancy Goldfish: Complete Guide To Care And Collecting


Here are some more goldfish books that people have purchased:


TIP: Remember buy goldfish books online, it's always cheaper then it would be to buy them at a book store. Buy fish books online and save money!









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Highly Recommended Goldfish Books









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